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Mifflin County needs its best chance to protect the rights its citizens. This is why it is so important that we vote in good people with conservative values. Vote Robert Nulton, Republican Committee for Brown Township.

As a small business owner, I understand the hardships that businesses have had to face since the pandemic began in 2020. Governor Wolf and President Biden have been of no help when it comes to ensuring that small business thrives and survives, especially here in Pennsylvania and in Mifflin County, that has been no different. 

We need to elect people with conservative values and that starts at the local level. But we need your help. We cannot do it without you. In 2022, all precincts in Mifflin County will be voting for their next committee people to serve another 2 year term. We have the opportunity to help make Mifflin County an example of how Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States should be ran and that is by, of and for the People!

"The Choice for Conservative Republicans!"

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Committee to Elect Robert Nulton
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