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There are many issues facing our nation and state and just as importantly...our township! Together is how we can take action and preserve and protect our nation, starting here in Brown Township.

- Conservative Leadership

- Taxes

- Business Development

- Agricultural Growth and Sustainability

Conservative Leadership

Our nation and our State of Pennsylvania is ne desperate need of Conservative Leadership. It is easy to be fooled and it is important that voters do their homework and make sure that they vote for "Real Conservative" Leaders who will represent their values, their ideals and their desires to protect and preserve our wonderful township. We have seen what having the wrong leadership in a position of authority looks like. Look at our Governor and our President as examples of the wrong type of leadership. Let's not make that mistake here in Brown Township. If you want conservative leadership and conservative values that will help improve our township and work to preserve those things that are good, then look no further than Robert U. Nulton on May 18th, 2021. 

Robert has always been a supporter of citizens rights and the rights that come from our Constitution, thanks to our founding fathers. We must continue the fight to protect the freedoms that are being stripped from us little by little. We must unite and ensure that our future generations have conservative values instilled in them so that we can have a future to look forward to.

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Taxes are always said to be a "necessary evil" and while that may be so, we do not have to take all of the hard earned money that our citizens break their backs to make every single day. We need to step up and do all we can to stop wasteful spending and ensure that what tax money we have is being used wisely and that we are being transparent in all that we do. We need to find ways to better work with our citizens, businesses and other organizations to ensure that this township can grow and be preserved for our future generations without bankrupting our hardworking residents. (Read More)

Business Development

Lately, I have been happy to see businesses popping up in and around the Reedsville area. It is bringing some life to that part of Brown Township once again. It is always good to see that, especially during a pandemic. To see business development in these trying times gives me hope that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and that together we can make it through but in order to do that we need leadership by people who know business and know how to help businesses make it through trying times. I have that experience. I have worked with businesses that have been through hard times and have been on the brink of failure. Upon coming aboard, I have been able to turn the "sinking ships" around and put them on a path toward prosperity and growth and that is the same leadership that will be seen in Brown Township once I am elected as Brown Township Supervisor. (Read More)

- Agricultural Growth and Sustainability

Just as much as I believe in Business, I believe in agricultural growth and sustainability. Farmers are business owners as well and have to find ways to survive. Many have lost crops, milk or even animals during this pandemic. We need to do all we can to help our farms to survive and grow so they can continue to provide the food and many other resources that we depend on. If we do not help them, we will lose a lot of what makes our township so great. We must do all we can to help and protect our farming community from the struggles they face. 


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